How to brainstorm D.I.Ys

A problem that many people may encounter is brainstorming D.I.Ys. The way I like to do it is like this:

What you will need is a big paper or thin cardboard (I used the roll that wrapping paper is wrapped around) and sharpies or any other markers. I forgot to show this in the picture, but you will also need a pencil.


To start, if you used a roll like me, it is necessary to flatten the roll. After a long time of experimenting how to flatten this roll I found that the best way to do it was to just roll it up the opposite way and tie a rubber band around it. Of course, If you are using a normal paper then you can skip this step. Next, write ‘D.I.Y Board’ (or whatever you wish to call your board) on the top of the paper or cardboard.


Now, what you want to do is sketch the process of making the D.I.Ys of your choice. Also sketch the tools or supplies that you will need to create your D.I.Y. The D.I.Y I’m sketching is a jar wrapped in twine. I drew a jar half-way wrapped in twine and on the side drew a hot glue gun. Next, label everything. Also write down the actions you will need to do to make the D.I.Y.


After you have sketched everything out, it is time to trace it with marker.


Voila! If you use this I wish you a good time brainstorming! To take it a step further I taped it on my wall so that I can always be thinking of new ideas.

Also, yes I know this is my second post today. At least I’m not bored…

-Rose24 ♥


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