So, I missed a day. But I prefer quality over quantity, and I think I’ll change to posting when I have an idea. Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot about this post because I feel really strong about the topic ‘categories’.

Let me get you started on this idea. Think about this question: Why are nouns classified as ‘basic’? Because everybody likes them? Maybe. Also, why are you to be embarrassed by being ‘basic’ if ‘basic’ things are the ones which you like?

Here’s an example of this non-sense: I’m walking with my friend down the street, and we’re talking about dogs. She asks me what dogs are my favourite. I tell her,

“Poodles, Dachshunds, and Maltese.”

“Eww, Maltese? That’s so basic.”

“Since when were dogs basic, too? That’s so stupid!”

“Ok, just imagine a basic girl. What dog would she have? A maltese!”

That day, I realised how out-of-hand this is. Many people are drifting away from ‘basic’ things because they want to be different. Listen, if you like Starbucks, then go get yourself some Starbucks! To society, it means you’re ‘basic’, but remember, this is what you like.

Categories are like a venn-diagram, and each section has a different name. The section which everybody likes happens to be called basic.

Now let’s branch out of this whole ‘basic’ thing. Let’s talk about categories in a different form; friends.

A friend group is called a squad. Squads, to me, are very difficult situations, if you have friends from different squads. If you are part of a squad, you can’t get out. Of course, It’s a group of friends, so there must be nothing to worry about, but one day, you might have a problem with them, or realise something about them and want to leave the squad (or change squads). There might be no way out without hurt feelings.

We’re now going to relate squads with categorising. People are categorised in to squads. There’s another venn-diagram. Another venn-diagram if you are focusing on one squad. A squad is made up of people who all fit together in some way. The way they fit together is a lot of the time, their squad name. For example, ‘the popular squad’ or ‘the nerd squad’. What makes me against squads is:

Why have squads when you can get along with so many other people, in different ways?

and, the question that makes this more against categorising is:

Why have a squad name that only describes a particle of who you are?

I manage to leave my squad and just be a person of my own. This is probably the happiest I’ve ever been with friends.

I want to spread this message to as many people as possible, because categorising is complete non-sense. Also remember that if you do categorise a lot, there’s always a way to stop.

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-Rose24 ♥



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