Hello readers! Sorry for the long absence. I’ve literally been drowned in homework.

I’d like to remind y’all to be happy… Because I’m having a not so happy day. Today, like many other days, I had to laugh something off. For me, of course, that was the only option, but it really kills me every time it happens. It reminds me of the past years when I had a ‘good’ friend [I put the word ‘good’ in quotation marks because we were good friends (as in close friends) but she never payed attention to being a ‘good’ friend]. Basically, this ‘good’ friend of mine, would always demean me and cause problems, while asking me what my problem is. But, you know what? I think this day is extra unlucky because January 23, is her BIRTHDAY!

Now, you might be wondering… What did you laugh off? I have this other ‘good friend’ (same reason) (Yes, I have trouble finding literal good friends), and she picks on me in the most unusual way. Today, she gave me a note, that had comedy parts, but was a joke about ‘my execution’ by her. You see, she does this lots (as well as calling me idiotic and laughing at it), but as I said, it kills me every time.

Despite all problems, remember to do whatever it takes to stay happy. And if you’re not happy, do things you enjoy.

If you have any advice for me to stop this problem, please contact me. I appreciate every comment, too!


-Rose24 ♥


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