Things to do on the weekend

First of all, thank you everybody so much for 10 followers! I know it doesn’t seem much for any of you who’ve been on WordPress for a while, but I am ecstatic with this news. 

Today, I will be taking you through some things that will keep you busy during the weekend. Hope this helps!

Do some D.I.Ys 

I’m aware that you all have probably already seen this idea browsing through the internet searching for “Things to do when you’re bored”, but I agree that this is a great thing to do when you’re trying to pass time. Here are projects that I, personally, really love.

  1. Memory Jar

This one is way too easy to be classified as a D.I.Y, but I’ll show y’all anyways.

What you will need is a jar, and some bits and pieces that remind you of something good (for example I added some polaroids, raffle tickets, extremely old bracelets, and a few charms)

what u need.jpg

Next, just arrange everything in to your jar as you wish, and voila you’ve got a decor piece that will serve you happiness.


2. Old pages

 The amount of things you can do with an old book is crazy. Consider creating something from the following:

  • Origami
  • Decoupage
  • Sketch on the pages
  • Make the old book into a poetry book (by writing over the words)
  • Garland

3. Coasters

For this craft, you will need a few sticks/twigs or one long one and some string (or something to tie them together)

Start off by trimming the stick(s) to the size that you would like.

Next, tie them all together. Start off with a knot on two strands. Then wrap the strand around stick, and tie another knot. Do this until you have as many as you’d like. Also, tie both sides.

Physical exercise

Many people thing that physical exercise is just for physical health and getting fit, but, the hard work that goes into exercising is great for your mental health, too. Additionally, if you find the right type of exercise for you, it’s a whole lot of fun!

My favourite ways to exercise are to run, do yoga, swim, and dance. Although, I’m trying to do an exercise more based on mentality. I’m looking forward to the day I decide to try meditating.

If you haven’t found your way of exercising keep trying, because it no more than benefitting.

Clean/Organise Something

I think that cleaning and organising is underrated. Like exercising, cleaning gives you a boost of motivation. After you have finished a run, you get this feeling called the runner’s high (don’t worry, no drugs). The runner’s high is a feeling of accomplishment and pride. The same thing happens after you clean or organise something, and it is totally worth it!

Do what you love

The most important thing of all, is that you do what you love to do. It’s the best way to make time fly and to build skill. So, if none of these reduce your boredom, than just think about what you love doing, and do it.

Those are all the ideas I will be sharing with you guys today. I hope you enjoyed! Comment if you tried any of these and make sure to follow! Love y’all!

-Rose24 ♥



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